Ollie Fie

Exhibition Results

Congratulations to the Winners!


Gold Medal Enjoy in the Rain by Sau Fong Neo, Malaysia
Silver Medal Comforting Dad by Nyla James, USA
Bronze Medal Colourful Laughter by Ka-Pak Kong, Macau
Honorable Mention Naughties by Sau Fong Neo, Malaysia
Honorable Mention Friendly Fun by Valerie Kleindienst, Australia
Honorable Mention Masai Children II by Suman Bhattacharyya, India
Honorable Mention Enjoy the Moments by Sau Fong Neo, Malaysia
Honorable Mention Chess in the Park 2019-03 by Volker Meinberg, Germany


Aino Assmus Peekaboo USA
Aino Assmus Say Cheese USA
Aino Assmus A Walk USA
Iris Baehren Sie Traeumt Er Auch_3_Bw Germany
Iris Baehren Flaming Girls_7 Germany
Suman Bhattacharyya Blooming Buds India
Suman Bhattacharyya Masai Children Ii India
Suman Bhattacharyya Playing Children India
Suman Bhattacharyya Smiling Faces India
Genadi Brodsky Colloquy. Israel
Genadi Brodsky Male Conversation. Israel
Genadi Brodsky Give Paw Friend. Israel
Nan Carder Hb Pier 4408 USA
Chase Dallura My Bff USA
Moshe Geizler Jewish Ritual Israel
Baolin He Calm Down Please China
Margaret Hennes Friends at Play USA
Kristen Herzel Bike Repair USA
Kristen Herzel Snow Friends USA
Kristen Herzel Yelling Contest USA
Nyla James Patience Required USA
Nyla James Three of A Kind USA
Nyla James Comforting Dad USA
Nyla James She Loves That Dog USA
Valerie Kleindienst Friendly Fun Australia
Valerie Kleindienst Baby Sitting Australia
Valerie Kleindienst Close Friends Australia
Ka-Pak Kong Colourful Laughter Macau
Ka-Pak Kong Triple Laughter Macau
Grace Lee Horse Whisperer 1 Australia
Robert Little Joyride USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco Three Amish Boys USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco Sweethearts USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco His Buddies USA
Fran McFadzen Are All Teens the Same Australia
Fran McFadzen Together Australia
Volker Meinberg Chess in The Park 2019-03 Germany
Volker Meinberg Chess in The Park 2019-11 Germany
Cheryl Murphy Lovers Australia
Sau Fong Neo Enjoy in The Rain Malaysia
Sau Fong Neo Enjoy the Moments Malaysia
Sau Fong Neo Naughties Malaysia
Sau Fong Neo Playful Brothers Malaysia
Ekkehard Retelsdorf Lovely Friend_1289 Germany
Ekkehard Retelsdorf Best Friends_5550 Germany
Lawrence Syverud Feathered Friend USA
Dimitris Toussimis Vivid Boys Greece
Keth Vaughan Two S Company Canada
Keth Vaughan Wheelchair Hug No 2 Canada
Jinsong Weeks Skateboard USA
Jinsong Weeks Share USA
Jinsong Weeks After School USA
Karen Willshaw Two Friends Chatting Australia


Gold Medal Long Time No See! by Sammy Somekh, Israel
Silver Medal Friends at the Wall by Lynn Troy Maniscalco, USA
Honorable Mention Anne 0848 by Nan Carder, USA
Honorable Mention 112-year-old and Friend by Lynn Troy Maniscalco, USA
Honorable Mention Among Friends by Robert Ginn, USA
Honorable Mention Santa Anita 7275 by Nan Carder, USA
Honorable Mention Wedding Moment by Lynn Troy Maniscalco, USA


Nan Carder Anne 0848 USA
Nan Carder Santa Anita 7275 USA
Robert Ginn Among Friends USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco 112-Year-Old and Friend USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco Friends at The Wall USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco Three Clowns USA
Lynn Troy Maniscalco Wedding Moment USA
Volker Meinberg India Day 2019-05 Germany
Thomas J. Moorhead Best Friends USA
Sammy Somekh Long Time No See! Israel